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AnReader 4 0 Snezana Act Exe [Latest 2022]




-i./determine_menu.exe The shell script i'm creating: #!/bin/sh read -p "Make your choice [0/1] : " choice if [ $choice -eq 0 ] then ./ms3_menu 4 0 sazdovicactexe -i./determine_menu.exe else ./ms3_menu 4 0 snezanaactexe -i./determine_menu.exe fi The shell script always goes to the elif condition. For some reason the $choice is always going to the elif condition. A: As was already noted, there are a number of issues with your script. In the first line, there is a typo that causes the first line to read./ms3_menu4 0 0 sazdovicactexe -i./determine_menu.exe. This is the same as running./ms3_menu4 0 0 snezanaactexe -i./determine_menu.exe which is probably not what you want. Fixing that, you get./ms3_menu 4 0 sazdovicactexe -i./determine_menu.exe The #!/bin/sh is unnecessary. It's an empty line which is required for bash, not for other shells (I've noticed it's a requirement in the Ubuntu 16.04 default scripts). You are calling./ms3_menu 4 0 sazdovicactexe -i./determine_menu.exe which doesn't make sense. If you want to call that, you need to pass the name of the executable as the first argument and the remaining arguments to it (see For example, you might try: if [ "$choice" = 0 ] ./ms3_menu 4 0 sazdovicactexe -i./determine_menu.exe ./ms3




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AnReader 4 0 Snezana Act Exe [Latest 2022]

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